CeNTech R & D

Prof. Dr. Bruno Moerschbacher

Institute for Biology and Biotechnology of Plants
Schlossplatz 8, D - 48143 Münster
Phone: +49 (0)251/83-63838 o. 63839
Fax: +49 (0)251/83-28371

Prof. Dr. Bruno Moerschbacher

Research Focus: Physics of Functional Nanomaterials

Prof. Moerschbacher and his group focus on the knowledge-based development of bio- and nanobiotechnological applications of chitosans, perhaps the most promising functional biopolymer and an almost unlimited renewable resource. The subgroup located at the CeNTech is working on the development of innovative microfluidic chips combining 3D cell culture, e.g. in chitosan beads, and single-cell analysis. With support from the EXIST Scholarship (BMWi), the group aims to found a Spin-Off company that provides new microfluidic cell culture systems in particular for immunology, oncology, and stem cell biology. Supported also by Prof. Francisco Goycoolea, the current work focuses on the development of prototypes, microfluidic chips, and novel hydrogels that will be evaluated in close collaboration with different groups from the WWU Muenster University, the UKM, and the CeNTech.
sub group team Prof. Goycoolea