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Special awards for this year's 'Jugend forscht' winners

Dr. Thomas Robbers (CEO CeNTech GmbH), left, and Dr. Klaus Weltring (CEO Bioanalytik Münster e. V.), right, awarded the three 'Jugend forscht' winners: Simon Hillebrandt (2nd from the l.), Rieke Salomon (middle) and Maryse C. Schmidt (2nd from the r.). Photo: Martin Rühle

April 17, 2018

Once a year the CeNTech GmbH and its partner Bioanalytik Münster e. V. award young researchers in the field of physics and biology, winners from the 'Jugend forscht' regional competition operated by the IHK Nordwestfalen, with a special recognition. In their welcomes the heads of the two awarding institutions, Dr. Robbers und Dr. Weltring, payed tribute to the achievements of the 3 high school graduates. "For many years we have been accompanying the competition and honoring outstanding work by talented young scientists."

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