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Mayor of Rostock, Claus Ruhe Madsen, at CeNTech

from left to right: Ch. Weiss, K. Krüger-Borgwardt, E. Fuchs, C.R. Madsen, Dr. H. Winter, PD Dr. H. Mönig

June 15, 2021

The CeNTech had the pleasure to welcome a delegation from the City of Rostock, led by the lord mayor C.R. Madsen. CEO Enno Fuchs and CSO Holger Winter presented the CeNTech concept with a focus on the interdisciplinary R&D activities and the support of startups/SMES as part of Münster´s Alliance of Science. Furthermore, mayor Madsen and his team had a look at the laboratories of PD Harry Mönig to get an impression about the nanoanalytical competences at CeNTech.

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