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CeNTech Science Breakfast 2022

speakers (from left to right): Enno Fuchs, Dr. Kathleen Spring, Dr. Matthias Schmidt, Yves Preibisch, Prof. Dr. Christos Gatsogiannis und Prof. Dr. Harald Fuchs. Photo: CeNTech GmbH/Martin Rühle

October 19, 2022

Again the annual CeNTech Science Breakfast took place , welcoming a very diverse audience from the science location Münster. The alliance between research and development on one side and the strategic urban development on the other side is working, explained CeNTech CEO Enno Fuchs. CeNTech R+D director Harald Fuchs emphasized the importance of the science park as a center of high-tech research and development. The program included lectures about the future urban development on the outskirts of the science park, the presentation of the Münster battery cluster and smart solutions in the healthcare sector. Further presentations were dedicated to the Quantum Technology Network Münster and the Cryo-electron microscopy.

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