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nanoAnalytics GmbH

Center for Nanotechnology
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nanoAnalytics GmbH

The accredited and independent testing laboratory nanoAnalytics was founded in 1999. The focus of our work is finding solution for surface- and interface related questions. Some examples are:

  • Identification of materials or contaminations
  • Analysis of layer structures or thin films
  • Investigation or tracking of surface modifications
  • Analysis of adhesion problems, discolorations
  • Examination of pretreatments or cleaning steps
  • Investigation of electrical contact problems
  • Analysis of ageing, catalyst surfaces or corrosion
  • Inspection of competition specimens

Please contact us to find out more about possible applications of our analytical and preparation techniques for your questions.

Analytical Instruments and Measuring Devices

nanoAnalytics has extensive experience in the field of surface analysis and related application-oriented problems. Based on this know-how novel analytical methods and techniques are developed and brought to market as user-friendly instruments.

  • The cellZscope is a new device for non invasive long term monitoring of the transepithelial or transendothelial electrical impedance of cell layers under physiological conditions.
  • The Q-Control module is an add-on for Scanning Probe Microscopes. It allows to improve the performance of such microscopes and thereby to characterize delicate surface structures that are not accessible by conventional methods.
  • The QFM-Module is designed for dynamic scanning force microscopy and spectroscopy. The add-on device comprises dedicated hardware and software.

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