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Minster Pinkwart praises Münster´s innovation potential

from left to right: Dr. H. Cremer, managing director NMWP.NRW cluster, M. Lewe, lord mayor city of Münster, Prof. A. Pinkwart, NRW minister, E. Fuchs, CEO Münster Economic Development Corp.

April 2021

As part of the NRW Nano-Conference the NRW Minister of Economic Affairs visited Münster. Mayor Lewe and Enno Fuchs, the managing director of the Münster Economic Development Corporation (WFM) welcomed Minister Pinkwart. Pinkwart praised the development of the Nanoregion Münster and stated a high innovation potential. About 500 participants and nearly 40 exhibitors attended the first virtual NRW Nano-conference.

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